2GIG Panel and IP Cameras

I have a Simon XT panel with my Frontpoint system through ADC and a 2GIG panel through Suretycam. The 2GIG panel doesn’t attached to my wireless network like the Simon XT does. So basic quesion - do I need to buy a 2GIG IP bridge to connect to my home network in order to use IP cameras like the HD100?

The Alarm.com compatible IP cameras like the HD100 do not in any way connect to an Alarm control panel. They communicate via your internet service directly with Alarm.com servers, giving you the ability to view them through your app.

Neither the Simon XT or XTi have Wifi capability, nor are there any wifi enabled modules for them (verified with Interlogix). They use the same cellular communication method as 2GIG does out of the box. If you are looking for IP backup the GoBridge communicates with your 2GIG panel using the XCVR2 Transceiver.

The answer to the question is no. You would not need the GoBridge for use with Alarm.com Cloud Video.

Think twice about the HD100.

If you want an HD IR camera with better resolution, and that is fully supported by ADC go with the V520IR

Try connecting camera to Ethernet, once lights are green, and it has internet connection to alarm.com, then login using your network connection to alarm.com, and add device.

I would say it depends on the task for the camera, if you are looking to use video motion detection over alarm system-based event recordings, I would definitely suggest considering the V520IR as the HD100 has less sophisticated video motion detection settings available.