2GIG Motion Sensor Problems

I’ve had my 2GIG alarm system for a little over a year. I recently replaced three motion sensors (2GIG-PIR1-345) with three motion sensors with cameras (2GIG-IMAGE1). I then re-located the “old” motion sensors to different rooms.

The problem I’m having, is that the old motion sensors (2GIG-PIR1-345) are still reporting their old locations even though I’ve re-labeled them on the control panel, and at alarm.com.

For example, I replaced the “garage” PIR1-345 with an IMAGE1, re-located the PIR1-345 to “bedroom” and installed it in the bedroom. When that PIR1-345 reports motion in the bedroom, I am notified that there is an alarm from “bedroom” AND “garage” even though there is no motion in the garage.

re-located the PIR1-345 to "bedroom" and installed it in the bedroom. When that PIR1-345 reports motion in the bedroom, I am notified that there is an alarm from "bedroom" AND "garage

If panel reports both bedroom/garage:
Sounds like you added the pir as a new zone, and never removed the old zone (when you should have just edited the zone programming and changed just the descriptor)

If ADC reports both bedroom/garage via email/notifications:
Sounds like instead of changing existing zone descriptor in “sensors” tab, you have two zones for same sensor

Double check the individual zone descriptors on the panel, and on the sensors tab on alarm.com

Then, you need to call central station and ask for data entry and give then the correct/changed zones and descriptors.

It does in fact sound like two zones are programmed in for a single sensor. Pairing the image sensors would not automatically overwrite the prior zone based on naming the sensor.

Do you notice extra sensors in your sensor list on Alarm.com? Do you have two Garage Motions, for example?

If there are not more sensors in your list than you physically own, have you tested the Image sensors and verified they are currently functioning?

There are no duplicate sensors named in the control panel, or on alarm.com. I’ve checked, and double-checked those lists to make sure they corroborate.

I did change the order of the sensors (on the panel and on alarm.com) to put certain motions near the top of the list to make bypassing those sensors more convenient when necessary.

All the image sensors are working correctly.

I’m baffled.

When you say you’re notified, are you referring to text/push notifications from Alarm.com?

Does the 2GIG panel itself report motion for both sensors? If you put your account in test mode and trigger an alarm with the bedroom motion detector then does the 2GIG panel say there was an alarm in both the bedroom and the garage? Or just in the bedroom?

Does the Alarm.com event history show an alarm for both bedroom and garage? Or just the bedroom?

You moved three PIRs to different rooms and changed the names (descriptors) from what central station has them listed as

You changed the zones for these (3) PIR sensors, by reinstalling them? (I.e, "the order" as shown for numbered sensor devices)
You installed (3) three new devices (Image sensors)

You can’t just move sensors around by changing the names (sensor descriptors) of the order as shown by number. Each number/order represents a zone.

To change the “order” of a sensor (aka zone of a sensor), you MUST uninstall/remove that sensor from the panel, then reinstall it in programming as a different zone (sensor number).

For example, if order is “1. Kitchen PIR”, and “2. Back Door”, and “4. Living Room PIR”, and I want to change the order, and make " 2." The “living room PIR”, I have to uninstall “zone 4”, and uninstall " zone 2", then install the PIR in the now empty “zone 2”, and the “back door” sensor is reinstalled in the now empty “zone 4”

Did you remove/delete the original zone(s) for your PIR motions? Simply renaming names (descriptors), or editing/modifying the zone sensor programming will not work for moving a sensor/zone. You must remove/uninstall it first.

Anytime you add a new device, move a device, or rename a device you have to notify data entry at central station so they can update it on their end. Changes made on panel, and on alarm.com do not make changes with central station.

Thank you, everyone for helping me troubleshoot this.

Ryan Boder: yes, I’m talking about push notifications from alarm.com. As seen in the attached photo, the southeast bedroom motion logs an alarm for both the bedroom and the garage. The garage is the former location of this motion sensor. When I put it in “walk test” mode and trigger the bedroom motion, it activates both (bedroom and garage) as well.

Rive: Thank you for your suggestion. I’ve reviewed the Installation/Programming manual and I don’t see instructions on how to remove/delete/uninstall a sensor. Do I just need to change the sensor type to “unused” then save changes?

This video may be of assistance.

Yes, marking the zones as unused will effectively remove the zone. We advise clearing the serial number as well.

Make sure you match up zone numbers and not names. So, for example, if you reinstalled a PIR that was labeled “Garage” and was zone 3 to zone 9 and labeled it “Bedroom,” then added an image sensor as Zone 10 and labeled it “Garage,” make sure that it is zone 3 that you delete.

This is just an example and I am unsure your zone numbers, but you want to find the erroneous zones and remove them if they are present. This sounds most likely given the description you provided.

So gratefull for all the responses. My frustration level is at 10 right now.

I removed all sensors from the control panel. Changed all of them to “unused”, deleted the serial numbers, saved changes and restarted the panel. Put it into “walk test” mode and confirmed that there were no sensors to test. Re-entered all the sensors and started my walk test again. The bedroom motion still registers two zones on the panel, the bedroom, and the garage (where it used to be). Another of the moved motion sensors does the same thing.

New problem: Now when I do my walk test, when I trip one image sensor, it shows all of them were activated, regardless of which one I walk by.

I’m beginning to entertain the idea of a complete reset on the panel and a re-program from scratch.

I don’t believe that you are a suretyDIY ADC service customer? If you are, you can email customerservice@suretyDIY.com for some troubleshooting eyes. If you have only reinstalled one zone per sensor, all zones with unique serial numbers, the panel shouldn’t report two of course.

If you are not a current suretyDIY ADC service customer, your dealer will have some additional troubleshooting capability to help you through this.

Right now, I sure wish we were suretyDIY customers. Our dealer (who I’ll leave unnamed) has not been responsive at all. We have stopped relying on them and have turned to suretyDIY for our upgrades and hardware additions. I wish I’d heard of suretyDIY before we had our system installed.

I’ll keep trying any suggestions from forum members while we wait for our dealer to respond!

Thank you to everyone for their suggestions.

This time remove the cell module (or just the antenna) so panel cannot communicate with ADC/central station

Do a complete zone reset:
Logo>installer code>restore defaults> check “zones” and uncheck “console”>restore defaults

Then go here, and optimize panel:

Reinstall all sensors and keypads
Here is how to program/install if you need assistance:

Do a walktest

Well, happy to help as much as we can. Your original statement described alarms creating notifications that two zones were tripped at once. What zone numbers correspond to the zones that were mentioned in the notification?

new problem: Now when I do my walk test, when I trip one image sensor, it shows all of them were activated, regardless of which one I walk by.

This is not a problem. The image sensors (like the TS1), are on the 900mhz tranciever. It is checking the signal in walktest. You still have to trigger the motions themselves

2GIG Walktest (first floor motion/image sensor, and TS1):