2GIG Motion Sensor activates from 20lb Dog

I have a small 20lb dog and my motion sensor keeps going off when the dog moves around. I have the sensor set to low sensitivity and 50lb. It’s located in the corner of a room about 7 feet up the wall. How do I trouble shoot this issue?

Is this a 2GIG PIR1-345?

From the manual regarding pets: Ensure that the PIR is mounted 7.5‐8 feet above floor level.

Also, if the pet is prone to jumping on furniture within sight of the PIR, the size of the animal will not matter much. The PIR will ignore heat signatures based on height off the ground.

Here is a video describing the detector.

Yep, you didn’t mount it high enough, and so the pet alley isn’t there. Min 7.5’ from bottom of the lense (not bottom of detector).

Also, even a small moving fast animal (small dog or cat), will create a large heat signature and trigger the passive infrared. My cat does it all the time.

Another option, is to go with an Image Sensor PIR