2GIG-IMAGE1 is not in color

I just installed 2 new 2GIG-IMAGE1 sensors. I performed a peek test on each one from alarm.com and the images are in black & white only. The room is well lit,it’s sunny outside, all windows are not shaded and the room lights are lit. Is there a setting somewhere to enable color. Both 2GIG-IMAGE1 sensors are doing exactly the same thing (no color) so I doubt it’s a sensor problem. Please help.

Are you a current suretyDIY customer? If not we are limited in ways to directly assist.

Image sensor IR and IR cut filter cannot be directly controlled that we are aware. Did you purchase these sensors from suretyDIY?

Have you tried a factory reset then re-adding these image sensors to your panel?

I have purchased some of my Go!Control parts from suretyDIY but I did not buy my image sensors from suretyDIY. If I switch my monitoring to suretyDIY will I be able to get full support? I currently have a different company for my monitoring and am not happy with them. It seems to be a very small company and it always takes days to get answers to emails. I bought the sensors from Smarthome but they don’t have this level of technical expertise - they just want to replace the part but I have two doing the exact same thing. I saw your forums and thought they were public and that I would get an answer from the user community. I did not know this was direct to your support - sorry.

Yes - I did try the factory reset (paper clip for about 12 seconds then solid LED etc.). Everything works about the sensor (motion, alerts, images on motion and on demand) but the pictures are black and white and not color - checked via email client on laptop and on alarm.com website using a desktop computer. Mobile viewed images are also black and white. The tutorial on alarm.com for the image sensor shows a very clear color picture in their example for zooming the second snapshot.

Thanks for your help and advice.

The forum is in fact public. You are free to ask away! We are happy to help.

We just can’t see any sort of settings or assist the same way with troubleshooting as your dealer would because we have no access.

The image sensor won’t have the color vibrancy of a professional Canon, by any means, but it should be in color if the light is not borderline low.

If you are certain lighting isn’t an issue, it would make sense that a hardware issue is at fault. But, as you said, with two doing the same thing I would first troubleshoot more likely issues. Your dealer would have access to back-end services and be able to resend IS rules, etc.

On the off chance it helps, have you tried just completely power cycling the units as they are connected? (just remove battery for a minute then power them back up)