2Gig How to have DW20R Alarm Immediately

I was wondering if I can have my 2Gig alarm when door with DW20R is opened. I would like to have it alarm immediately, and every few seconds report if door is still opened.


You mean like a 24 hour sensor (alarm regardless of arming status)?

You cannot program a zone to constantly report status every few seconds.

Zone type (07) 24 hour local audible alarm and bell output
Zone type (08) 24 hour aux alarm no bell output

If on the other hand, you want it to function like a normal (01) exit/entry 1 sensor without entry delay, then either arm it with no entry delay, or program it is as a (03) perimeter sensor (I have my backdoor with dw20r programmed as a perimeter type zone. If panel is armed, and back door opens, it immediately alarms panel).


Would any of the suggestions you provided signal that door is still open

(ie I want to have “Back Door” announced every few minutes, just as a reminder that the door is open?)


The panel will show the sensor is open (until it is closed), you will not get constant voice annunciation if that is what you are asking.

You could have a sensor left open notification as well but you would only get 1, it wouldn’t keep repeating.

OK, the sensor left open will have to do.

thanks for your help!