2GIG GC3 Firmware Failure

I flashed my GC3 with, it is now stuck in an endless loop of rebooting. Any ideas on how to get it back? Tried powering down and once I reconnect it goes back into the loop. Thanks, Doug

How long did you leave it powered down? Try leaving it powered off for a few hours and then power up. Any change?

Is the USB drive still inserted? If not, when was it removed?

What version were you updating from? What was the prior firmware version on the panel?

Thanks Jason,

I only let it powered down for a couple of minutes, but it has been off for a couple days now, I will try to power it up again this evening.

The USB is still in. I believe the firmware I had was 3.02.


I would try booting up again, if you see the same problem again, try powering down, remove the USB drive, then power back up.

Was there anything else on the usb drive?