2gig GC3 AT&T Radio Test Failed

I just installed a 2GIG-3GA-A-GC3 radio into my 2GIG GC3 Control Panel. It was previously on back order and just arrived.

When I run the Radio status test, it fails and the radio status screen that is displayed after the test says Radio Registration status = “Registration denied”.

Since I have not connected up to your service yet, is this the response I should be receiving?

I.e. Test Failed and Registration status = “Registration denied”?

Is there a place I can find the various Radio status error codes for this radio to try and understand why the test is failing?

I was hoping to be able to test the radio to insure everything was working correctly before connecting up to the actual security service provider.

Appreciate your input.

Thank you

I believe so, yes. You may be able to see signal strength, but if that module was never registered to an account it has not received an OTASP and will likely report denied registration.

You would need to have a service account using that module so it can connect to the adc back end.

Sometimes the radio strength is 1 of 6 and sometimes 2 of 6. Will 1 of 6 work or do I need to install an external (Attic) Cell Radio Antenna – ANT2X? i.e. What does the radio strength need to be to work?

Unfortunately, it is really hard for me to get into this area of the attic so thought I would ask before trying to do this?

I am also hoping 2gig will come out with WiFi support soon to provide a better quality connection.

Do you know when 2GIG is expected to come out with WiFi support and if your security service will support monitoring the 2GIG GC3 panel over the Wifi connection?

The ANT2X is an option, but I would try moving the panel to another location in the home to see if any difference in strength is found. Give it a half hour or so before checking in the new spot.

We do not know when wifi will be enabled yet. All Alarm.com accounts require a cellular connection, however yes, dual path using wifi will be supported.

I would want to see 2/6 or higher stable connection.

I just looked again and it is now 3 of 6? Maybe I should start the service and if not sufficient, run the ANT2X in the attic. They should be able to tell if it is adequate, correct?

3/6 would be a good solid signal expectation. For reference, GC2 cell strength was measured on a 31 point scale, which we recommend 11/31 minimum, 15/31 preferred.

The data being transmitted is typically not large or complex, and signal strength is a general indication of service. I would be concerned with a strength of 1/6. 2/6 should be fine, higher preferred.

The Alarm.com back-end tools will show us the same signal strength reading you see.

I tried various areas around the house and even installed an external (Attic) Cell Radio Antenna – ANT2X. Every time I run the radio tests the results are still 1 out of 6 radio signal strength.

We just have bad cell phone coverage in our area. Can’t wait for the GC3 WiFi connection to come out.

Again: things seems to be working OK but 1/6 is not the best. Any suggestions?

Have you used the coverage check tool to see if that carrier is best for your location? Keep in mind phone voice service is not a good correlation to Machine to machine network coverage.

Does it show full coverage for your location or partial?

Also keep in mind if you are moving the panel around a lot, the panel needs at least a good half hour or so to give you a reliable idea of what the signal strength will be in a given location. Running a cell test will not immediately give a reliable value.

Yes. The tool says that both AT&T and Verizon have full coverage but people have cell phone signal problems in my house whether they are on the AT&T or the Verizon networks.

I installed an AT&T MicroCell in my house to improve AT&T Phone cell signal strength but the HSPA protocol will not go through/work on the AT&T MicroCell.

Do you know of any low cost signal type amplifier/booster that I can install in the attic near the ANT2x I just installed to improve signal strength?

No, we have not used one and those typically can cause problems if you do not white list the associated “phone number” for your module as the module will attempt to connect to it repeatedly as the closest source and be denied, sometimes stalling all communication.

If you do try one, make sure to email customerservice@suretyDIY.com for the appropriate number to white list. It is not the module serial number. I have heard people using VZ boosters to positive effect.

Verizon typically sees a little better signal penetration historically, all things equal.

We did use powered antennae for the GoControl on one or two occasions, but they can be extremely pricey.

No update as to when 2gig will send out a firmware update for the GC3 that includes Wifi support? Do you think this is a ways off or coming soon?

No. No ETA, couldn’t hazard an accurate ballpark, though it is a major function and likely in the first group of things being addressed by firmware.

I would assume it will be in the first update. I would imagine an update would occur later this year but couldn’t give a definitive time-frame.