2gig Gc3 -All sensors- Loss of supervision

So this morning my wife heard the alert go off. She hit acknowledge.
Well she just told me about it . I goto the panel thinking it was a alert .

Well it seems everything now has loss of supervision .

Radio check showed failed to get ack.

I will attach images.

I was thinking I should go power cycle the gc3 via battery removal and shutting breaker off that powers it.

" I will go do that now just to make sure )

I don’t know what is going on I have never seen this error before. And the entire system 27 sensors.

20210902_004851 20210902_005025 20210902_005044 20210902_005050 20210902_004906 20210902_010723 20210902_010732 20210902_010738

The Loss of Supervision is coming from every sensor, which appear to all be connected to the TAKE-345s.

Have they become unplugged or has the power they are connected to been interrupted?

How far from the panel are the TAKEs?

When powering down the system:

  • Disarm the panel
  • Unplug the power supply from the wall
  • Open the panel and disconnect the internal battery
  • Leave off for about 2 minutes, then power it up in reverse order (battery then power supply).

I have had the system running the way its wired and working fine well before starting service with surety ( so well over a year or two)

The panel from the alarm box is about a , 30 foot distance. Never had a issue before.

It is possible. A few days ago I unplugged a deal in the attic above/ near that panel.
I plugged it back in. But that was a few days back. I was looking for a power plug for a secondary panel I had. ( found it with my tracer) but it ended up being a gc2 secondary and not compatible with my gc3…

I will go up in the attic and look to see if it possibly fell out of the plug.

The only power wires I see in the box come from the battery and looks like a pair of wires going into the wall. I can trace them , if needed.

Just odd, out of the blue. When nothing happened. I have tesla powerwalls , so I am never without power . And use surge protectors .

I will go check that plug up in the attic, than properly power cycle the gc3 panel and see what happens.

So after a proper power down and booting .

It went from 27 devices not supervised to 14…


And is it possible for me to get a backup of my programing configuration? Just in case I will have to replace . Or something else happens . It took a long time to do it.

Wouldn’t like to do it again , if possible.

I was able to fix it.

I powered down the gc3, . Went to the alarm wiring box. Disconnected the account power to the unit. Unplugged that battery.

Waited 5 minutes. Plugged it all back in in reverse. .

Still showed a few zones un supervised.
I was thinking , what could be making that number go down gradually.

I went and opened and closed each window , door , etc contacts.

My system is running fine.

But if still possible I would like a copy on my backup/config just in case. As I don’t know what caused this to happen in the first place .


Glad to hear you were able to get the sensors reporting again.

Loss of supervision occurs when the panel doesn’t receive a “check in” signal from the sensor. This can be power related or distance related in most cases. In turn, sensors will report malfunction in ADC.

In this case, it appears to have been every TAKE-345 connected. To verify, are all sensors in your system wired and connected to TAKE-345s?

Per your request, commands have been sent to pull a backup to save in ADC. This can be pushed to the system at a later date if necessary.