2Gig Doorbell

Hi - is there a way to program the doorbell so it always rings at the panel even if the panel has voice and chime checkboxes set to off? We don’t like to hear the beeps/announcements for general door/window triggers on the panel, but want to hear the doorbell. Conversely another panel in the house is always set to on/on for both chime/announce so there it’s not an issue. But this brings to mind a related question. If I go into toolbox and turn chimes/announcements on or off or set alternate sounds - is this what is played by the remote panel or does that panel have its own settings for each trigger?



Panel and TS1 “voice” is for example, “panel armed away, exit now”, whereas “chime” is “front door” or “ding dong”.

Whatever chimes are set on main panel are also on TS1

An option is to go to each sensor zone and disable chime (00), and enable it for what you want (e.g., doorbell)

TS1 will follow the programmed chime of the sensor at the main panel. You can disable chimes on a sensor by sensor basis, but you cannot disable chimes altogether then have one sensor chime, unfortunately.

Thanks Jason - it’s unfortunate about the all sounds off but “this one.” What’s weird is my panel (to make the doorbell work) is now on “chime on, voice off” however when a door opens I get the ding dong and “back door” voice. So the toolbox setting overrides something in at least one direction - i.e. it doesn’t care that voice is off, if toolbox for that sensor is set to voice and chime. I may try the reverse but I have a felling it will be as you said - nothing will make a sound.

Missed Riven’s note - got it. Voice is for arm/disarm notifications only, not the announcement from toolbox chime setting. Very unclear of 2gig.

thanks all - now it’s all clear to me!