2gig 3way issue

I have a strange setup with lights to begin with, but not sure how to add switches i need to control the lights with zwave. switch(a) standard 3 way switch, with white, black, and red into switch. switch (b) standard 2 way switch, red and white are connected to each side but opposite each other, black are nutted together, switch © 3 way switch white there is a load directly to a light(1) off switch ©, light(1) feeds directly to light(2). I believe switch(a) is where power comes into the circuit. do i need 2 three way, and 1 two way switch so that it still functions right at the switch for touch, and zwave control?

Wiring requirements will differ based on the model of Switch you are looking at using.

I find Linear switches easiest to install if you are coming from a questionable or confusing circuit setup.

For a Linear 3-way circuit you need one load bearing switch, and one or more transmitter switches.

The load bearing switch, as its name implies, would be installed last in the circuit, just before the lights. All of the switches would require always on power. The transmitters do not physically switch power, they just send a wireless signal to the load bearing switch (set up using device association on your controller or minimote.)

You would just pass power using one of the traveler wires from the first switch location to the rest. You’ll need to know which gang box contains the power from the circuit panel and which gang box contains the wire to the load.

If you are unsure about the current circuit or installation, always be sure to consult a local electrician before proceeding.