2 way voice & button light questions

During a recent accidental alarm the call center could not reach us through 2-way communication via the Go!Control panel. They advised us to contact you for support in this regard. Please help us to restore the functionality.

We would also like to turn off the button lighting on our Go!Control panel in the evenings, but it does not seem readily possible as it is with the remote panel. Is there an ability to turn off or dim the lighting?

The Go Control button lighting cannot be turned off.

Have you tested the 2-Way voice since that event? You can place your system on test mode with the central station by calling in, then initiate an alarm. Does this recreate the issue?

Has two way voice functioned previously on this system?

Thank you, Jason,

Two way had previously worked. It stopped functioning during one of the past few alerts. I’ll try testing it. If it is still not working, what would be the next step?

We have looked into the issue and made a couple of tweaks on our end. Have you been able to test and verify it is working?