2 way busy signal ?

I have a question has anyone ever heard of the 2 way signal being busy after an alarm thus rendering the operator unable to connect and having to call the residence? This has happened a couple of times from a central station in New York , it’s not very comforting , plus they take at least a minute to respond and when and if they come over the 2 way they just say hello

Is this an Alarm.com system or a traditional system? Alarm.com 2-way voice works differently than 2-way voice on traditional panels.

With traditional panels the central station dials into the panel to do 2-way voice. If your phone is busy then the central station might get a busy signal. This could be the case if for some reason the panel never receives a kiss-off signal (acknowledgement) from the central station’s receiver and therefore it keeps trying to dial the central station, this keeping the line busy.

With Alarm.com 2-way voice the panel calls the central station when an alarm occurs. If all lines are busy at the central station then the panel could get a busy signal when it tries to connect.

Which central station are you using?

Thank You Ryan,
I have since cancelled my service with alarm tech central station in New York and have come back to Suretycam for a number of reasons that being the main one , who answers a 2 way call with a simple hello? They were not reliable in that sense , I have had nothing but excellent service from Suretycam , Jay was even able to get my panel speakers unmuted so the click pop sound would stop !!! I thought my panel was defective , Huge props to Jay. Thank you Ryan for the service that you provide!!!