2 locations, 1 account

I was wondering if it is possible to have 2 locations on 1 Alarm.com account? I would like to have my home and my office under 1 login on the app.

Each alarm system would require its own Alarm.com account and suretyDIY subscription (if both are through suretyDIY), however once a second system is set up you can link the two in Alarm.com so that you can use one login and switch between the two locations within the app/website.

If you already have two Alarm.com accounts, to get started you would login to the Alarm.com website. From there, select Settings > Multi-System Access > Add System.

So do I have to have 2 SuretyDIY accounts?

So do I have to have 2 SuretyDIY accounts?

You can use the same login on this website to purchase additional service subscriptions. You do not need to create another suretyDIY.com login for that. Each system just needs its own Alarm.com communicator, Alarm.com account, and if you are using suretyDIY, a subscription for each.

You would then have access to billing and account details on suretyDIY for both under one login, and can use Multi-System Access to connect both to a single Alarm.com login.