2 gig system not detecting open or close sensors

I need help with the 2 gig go system wiring or programing?.
System is old. I had it on few yers ago.
After system was removed by tech when he installed new system (he took most components from this system. Only left the 2gig control panel). I both 1 take over module and hard wire conversion kit ( plastic box power supply board with transformer and 1 take over module). I had to hard reset 2gig panel because it had custom installer code. I wired everything acording to the manual and programed 2 gig panel?.
Everything looks normal. System can be arm and disarm, but system doesn’t see open or close sensors (doors or windows. I didn’t wire or program motion or other sensors yet)
After few hours on (unarmed) system start biping and show alarm lost supervision on all conected sensors.
I made pictures but it is hard to see all wiring.

On power supply board i have:
2 top black & red connected to the ac power adapter = 19.1 volt

2nd 2 from top black & red (2red & 2 black) go to the 2 take over modules
DC+ (red) go to the 12V on the take over module
DC- (black) go to the GND on the take over module and to the all GND from all wired sensors. When i probed DC+ & DC- i got 0 volts?
2 lowest BAT- black go to the battery negative
BAT+ red go to the battery positive
There is 13.1 volts.

All red wires from sensors are connected to the take over module terminals 1-8.

When i probed DC+ & DC- i got 0 volts?

You should have 12VDC roughly coming from those terminals. If there is no power from that power supply, that would be the cause, the TAKE modules would simply be unpowered.

You may need to replace that power supply board.

Thanks for your help.

New power supply board fixed the problem. Thanks