2 gig speaker

My panel seems to make a popping click sound from the speaker only once when system is armed / disarmed or after a key is pressed? Audio sounds just fine though I assume this is not normal , could I have a short in the speaker ? I’m not concerned but I am thinking of replacing the panel is there a fix to this without having to replace the unit?

Thank You

The only time I’ve seen that is when the panel speakers are muted when not in use. However, I haven’t seen that issue in a long time. For a while, there was an issue where the 2GIG speakers would persistently click and buzz due to feedback from the cellular module antenna. We could initiate a command to mute the speaker when it wasn’t actually being used. This would cause it to make a single audible click shortly after the panel made noise.

From what you’ve described, it sounds like someone may have sent over that command before you became a customer of suretyDIY. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that we have the capability of changing that on our end anymore. However, if you’d like, I can check with ADC to see if they have the capability to un-mute your speakers. This would have the effect of stopping the panel from making that audible click after it makes noise. You may also run into an issue where the panel is constantly making buzzes and clicks due to feedback from the communication module.

Thank you Jay , somehow my panel miraculously stopped making the click sound, did you happen to unmute my speakers by chance? I had the issue if constant feedback until I replaced my module and antenna I was using the Same hole for the panel wiring and for the antenna I found out quickly that it constantly caused feedback , was very annoying
Thanks for the response

Yep, I was able to get the speakers unmuted. Glad to hear that solved the issue.