2 Gig SP1 GC3 - locked up on pairing screen

I’m on my 2nd SP1 as the 1st was defective out of the box.

The 2nd SP1 has been working as expected over the last month. A couple days ago I noticed it was not showing the regular display and will only show the pairing screen. I have made multiple attempts to pair to the main panel. I have also rebooted the SP1 several times.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions. Thank you.

It doesn’t appear that this is related to service with suretyDIY, is that correct?

What is the firmware version of the GC3 panel?
What is the firmware version of the SP1 that you are trying to connect?

Note that the SP1 and the GC3 use the same firmware file to update, so you can update both with the firmware found here.

Tyler. Thank you.

Correct. I purchased the hardware from Surety, but no, they do not provide any service.

I had updated pretty recently but I will need to confirm the version number tonight.

Thank you. You’ll want to be sure the SP1 and GC3 are on the same firmware version. Let us know what version you are using when available.

I updated both the main control panel and the SP1 last night. That addressed the issue and I was able to get them paired back up and synchronized. Thank you for the input/advice.

Great, thank you for following up!