2 gig sensors vs qolsys panel

I see that you are now selling the Qolsys panel , it seems to be much better than 2 gig panel , will my 2 gig sensors be compatible with this panel? Or should I wait for the gc3 whenever that will ever be released?

Incompatible communication protocols

Qolsys= GE
2GIG= honeywell

Qolsys has a translator for 2gig/Honeywell to 319.5, so it will work. 8 zones for each wireless translator, , no smokes, no carbons on the translator

The Qolsys translator appears to be a rebranding of the Resolution Products translator. Also, note that while the hardwired translator has an 8 zone limit, the wireless sensor translator versions do not. The limit stated in product instructions is 63 devices. Keep in mind the panel may limit that further (like in the case of 2GIG Go!Control.) Life safety device signals, as stated above, will not function with the translator.

Check out the RE 124-TG for more info.